Do you need to upgrade your equipment, or have a new generation ready to come home to the farm and need to expand your operation.  Rather than stressing over how to pay for these upgrades let Boumatic and Stearns Bank take some of that worry away by financing your new equipment.  A simple application and within 48 hours you can have approval to start work on your new facility.  Call today to ask about financing through Stearns Bank.

Any time you install a new milking facility or upgrade your current equipment there is always the concern if what you are installing is what you really want.  After all you will be milking with this equipment two to three times a day, every day, for years and years.  Our capital equipment salesman Ken Weber has installed milking parlors for 20+ years and his experience behind the wrenches gave him the know how to put you into the right milking system to fit your wants and needs.  Ken takes the time to listen to what you, and your family are looking for in a milking facility and will turn your dreams into a reality.