Our Products

Dairy Sanitation Chemicals

We are a full line Boumatic Dealer which means we carry the Boumatic product line of udder health and CIP chemicals.  Let us show you on a cost per wash basis why Boumatic chemicals are the most economic option on the market. 


The milking inflation is the only thing that touches your cow during the act of milking day in and day out. Treat her to the best liner on the market with the Magnum M series from Boumatic.  We also carry Dariymaster, Milkrite, and Lauren milking liners.  Ask about our FEE two week no obligation liner demo. 

Calf-Star Calf Feeding Solutions

The Milk Taxi will heat, cool, store, pasteurize, and feed you calves from one unit.  The automated calf feeder will feed up to 120 calves from one unit and makes feeding in group pens a simple task.

Dairytech Inc. Pasteurizers

Dairytech Inc. has made pasteurizing calf milk and colostrum as easy as pushing a button.  Easy to install and maintain the Dairytech Inc. calf milk pasteurizers help to make your calves first meal safe and nutritious.

SiloStop and Silo Plastic

We are an authorized dealer for SiloStop.  SiloStop is a revolutionary oxygen barrier to be placed on top of your forages to reduce spoilage and keep the nutrient content of your feed consistent from top to bottom.

Service and Installation

Emergency service calls at 4am on a Sunday, building a new facility from the ground up, or upgrading your current facility.  There is no job too large or too small for the talented Service team at Innovative Dairy Solutions. 

Replacement Parts

We use only GENUINE Boumatic and DARYMASTER replacement parts.  Aftermarket might look the same, but the quality of the goods used during manufacturing are not equal.  Genuine parts last longer and lead to lower maintenance costs in the long run.    

Mensch Manufacturing

Clean your barn floor like a squeegee without damaging the concrete.  Mensch manufacturing makes a wide array of products to make jobs on the farm easier.